China fears fade but commodity investors remain defensive on Fed rate outlook


Despite more optimism surrounding US economic activity investors have maintained a relatively defensive stance, with gold receiving the largest inflows in the commodities sector Defensive investors prompt third week of inflows into gold ETPs. G20 deliberations over the weekend addressed concerns about Chinese market volatility but any conclusions or detail… Read More »

Global Sell-off in Risk Assets


Hedge bearish sentiment with short ETPs, focus on quality equities offering superior Income · Macro: The steep correction in global markets today as a result of fears that China’s managed slowdown is turning into a global meltdown may be overdone. This on the back of a resilient US labour market… Read More »

Market Volatility Update – Quality Growth Equities

Rajiv Jain -

The recent global stock market sell-off has resulted in the steepest decline in years for many major markets. Fears that China’s economy is dramatically slowing have sparked heavy selling around the globe At Vontobel Asset Management, New York, we have been concerned about China for quite some time. We maintain… Read More »

Gold’s haven status reinstated?


Gold posted a third consecutive week of gains and gold ETPs finally broke a 10-week streak of outflows. Uncertainty around China’s currency policy, volatile equity markets and the realization that a September Fed hike is not a done deal drove the price higher Gold ETPs see highest inflows since January.… Read More »

Sliding oil prices attract bargain hunters


The depreciation of the Yuan against the US dollar by 3.4 percent last week caused by reform to the fixing method sent reverberations across commodity markets, revitalizing gold’s safe haven status Long WTI and Brent crude oil ETPs received US$ 48.2mn and US$12.0mn respectively marking the seventh consecutive week of… Read More »

Ipo market, Asia overtakes the US


The Shenzhen and Shanghai Stock Exchange ranked first and second in the world, respectively, in 1H15 by deal numbers. NASDAQ is now the third-busiest exchange globally and NYSE the fourth Asia overtakes the US with China that leads Asian IPO boom. According to the quarterly EY Global IPO Trends: 2015… Read More »

Your Toolkit for Rising Rates


2015 could be the year we finally see rising interest rates in the U.S. This creates an opportunity to reassess portfolios and asset classes and evaluate how they performed during historical periods of rising interest rates. While the past can never guarantee the future, historical context is important for understanding… Read More »