Attention towards Healthcare and Brexit


The market turned its short attention span towards Donald Trump and his secret health care bill that was just revealed to the world yesterday. Many experts say that this bill has no chance of becoming a law but that didn’t stop healthcare stocks from raising the roof on the stock… Read More »

A better risk-reward with a strong focus on risk


In an environment of continued low rates, investing in short-dated bonds makes a lot of sense. High yield is specifically of interest, as it tends to do well in times of rising rates. Still, high yield bonds also bring higher risks. Managing default risk and selecting issuers with the utmost… Read More »

China A-Shares Added to MSCI EM Index


What does the addition of China’s USD 7.7 trillion domestic equity market1 into MSCI’s emerging markets benchmark mean for global investors? If Wuliangye Yibin or Shanghai Pudong Development Bank don’t ring a bell to investors outside China, that is about to change. After four rounds of review since 2013, the… Read More »

Is VIX the next market blunder?

James Butterfill -

The VIX index is currently demonstrating a complete absence of fear. In the context of current world affairs and political instability, we believe this is demonstrating a worrying complacency amongst investors. Changing course after failureThe VIX index, coined as the fear index, is currently demonstrating a complete absence of fear.… Read More »

Rates: Where’s the Drama?


The Federal Reserve raised short-term interest rates as expected, but things could get a bit more entertaining as the year progresses. In each of the prior three rate hikes since the end of 2015, we saw some suspense surrounding potential action from the Fed, whether because of nervousness as to… Read More »

Asian debt offers stability in a volatile world


Asia is more stable compared to other regions because of a combination of factors. First, it has the highest average credit rating in emerging markets (EMs). Second, some of the region’s countries, such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea, are highly developed. Third, Asia has less political instability than other… Read More »

eToro launches Crypto-currency CopyFund as market hits $100bn


eToro, the global trading and investing social network, announces the launch of a new cryptocurrencies investment CopyFund. The launch comes as the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies hits $100bn and as eToro sees the number of users trading cryptocurrencies grow four-fold in just 12 months.eToro CopyFunds enable you to… Read More »

Eurozone Banks: Heading For A Tame Taper, Or A “Taper Tantrum

S&P Global Ratings -

As the eurozone economy recovers, the hotly debated trillion-euro question is: When will the European Central Bank start to tighten its monetary policy? Many market participants are impatiently waiting for the bank’s June meeting in Tallinn for signs. Meanwhile, the market is hearing dissenting notes from some bank officials about… Read More »